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Peacock’s Next Chapter
Peacock Can Do Even More For Your Brand
Peacock + One Platform = Infinite Possibilities
Our Way Forward
Next Chapter

Why This Matters

With streaming consumption rapidly growing, platforms must evolve to meet consumers where they are and provide the most impactful experience for viewers and advertisers alike.

Our Solutions

Brands looking to maximize engagement can reach consumers on Peacock while they’re enjoying new original shows and movies, Universal Films making their streaming debuts early and exclusively on Peacock, MLB games, and, starting this fall, NBC, Telemundo, and Bravo next-day episodes. Enhancements coming to Peacock, including updated UX/UI for better navigation and “key plays” to highlight top game moments when joining late, will boost consumer interaction and engagement within the platform.

Your Takeaway

Working with Peacock means surrounding your brand with premium content and an impactful experience that connects with a wide range of audiences, all in one place.

Peacock Can Do Even
More For Your Brand

Why This Matters

Brands are constantly looking for new ways to reach and engage their target consumers in authentic ways. Understanding how consumers engage with content helps achieve this objective.

Our Solutions

Our two newest ad innovations, Peacock Frame Ad and Peacock In-Scene Ad (in testing), will enable you to drive impact by fully integrating your brand into the viewing experience itself. Peacock Premier enables you to leverage integrations and show IP in custom ads to weave your brand in with the content and characters viewers love. Peacock AX extends your reach across our entire digital video and streaming footprint, connecting your brand with your target audiences wherever they’re watching. And for performance advertisers who don’t already have existing DSP relationships, Peacock Ad Manager will unlock self-service access to premium streaming content, advanced targeting, and full-funnel measurement.

Your Takeaway

Peacock’s premium ad environment combined with ongoing innovation and flexible activation paths delivers the right solutions and sky-high results for your brand.

Peacock + One Platform
= Infinite Possibilities

Why This Matters

In the increasingly fragmented digital ecosystem, brands need a singular solution that provides reach, scale, and impact that accounts for consumption across all screens.

Our Solutions

NBCU’s One Platform is your one-stop shop to reach your audiences at scale through our enormous portfolio of premium content—including, of course, Peacock. But it doesn’t stop with content. Our proprietary technology and strategic partnerships across the industry mean we can tailor our solutions to your precise advertising needs, ensuring you can activate your media buys with ease and efficiency and without ever sacrificing quality.

Your Takeaway

The power of Peacock and One Platform means always finding your audience—and always find the right solution for your unique business needs.

Our Way

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Upfront 2022

We’ll bring it all together from two iconic stages: in the morning with our Upfront at Radio City Music Hall, followed by a Telemundo Celebration that evening at the Ziegfeld Theatre. All day long, we’ll celebrate the culture-defining content that shapes the world, in both English and Spanish. We’ll lift up the stories that hundreds of millions of consumers trust, connect with, and rely on no matter the stage or screen—and preview what’s coming next, and how you can be a part of it.


At One22, our annual developer conference, we’ll showcase the technology stack that’s the foundation of One Platform—including the latest data, measurement, and activation capabilities—and how you can use identity, innovation, impact, and interoperability to grow your business.

Peacock NewFront 2022

We’ll bridge the technology and content strategy and explore new ways to engage audiences and forge strong connections in spaces like streaming. You’ll learn new insights from Peacock, how we’re innovating based on those results, and how these tools can help your business succeed.

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