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1. One Platform powers Television of Today, your premium performance vehicle

Our proprietary ad tech stack, One Platform, brings together more than 300 viewing endpoints on one central ad decisioning engine and unifies the first-party data assets from across our enterprise on one central identity spine so we can build, reach, and measure your strategic audiences wherever, whenever, and however they watch. And with our unparalleled reach of 88% U.S. adults, we deliver the tools, the scale, and the transparency you need in a premium content environment you can trust—making your marketing more efficient and effective at every stage of your advertising journey.

Perhaps nothing brings this to life quite like One Platform Total Audience, our fully scaled cross-platform solution announced earlier this year. Using the latest in machine learning and AI to find your strategic audiences across the full breadth of our linear and streaming portfolio on a single plan with a single price, One Platform Total Audience is exactly what it sounds like: your total audience delivered to achieve what matters most—maximum effectiveness.

From building your strategic audience segments, to activating your campaigns against those audiences, to measuring the impact of your campaigns against your key objectives, One Platform is your premium performance platform.

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2. New measurement framework is the future of full-funnel measurement for audience-based campaigns

With the evolution of our audience-driven capabilities and the full scale release of One Platform Total Audience, we’re also evolving our measurement capabilities to provide you with an integrated view of your audience-based campaigns.

Building on the momentum of our measurement transformation, this new framework, which we call One Platform Total Measurement, will provide unparalleled visibility into the performance of strategic audience campaigns across the purchase funnel. And thanks to always-on data feeds enabled through our partnerships with VideoAmp, Dynata, EDO, Kochava, iSpot, Innovid, and LiveRamp, we’re building One Platform Total Measurement with automation at its core to provide you holistic results throughout the life of your campaign.

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3. New GenAI audiences maximize connection between content, emotion, and behavior

We’ve been leveraging AI for years for our One Platform audience optimization capabilities. Now, we’re taking it a step further with generative AI, delving deeper into our consumers’ underlying motivations, values, and emotions to create precision GenAI-powered audiences that maximize ad effectiveness and deliver better business outcomes for you.

Building on the first-party data and identity investments we’ve been making over the past several years— including our first-party identity graph that spans more than 200 million individuals 18+ and more than 90 million households—this new offering represents the first step in using emerging generative AI capabilities such as computer vision, large language models, and deep learning to unlock a new level of performance across our audience-based offerings.

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4. Expanded programmatic access to sought-after content and better addressability through industry ID solutions

We continue to open up automated access to the full breadth of our premium streaming content for advertisers of all sizes, thanks to integrations with 19 DSPs and counting. This includes private marketplace (PMP) and programmatic guaranteed (PG) access to our full on-demand footprint and over 8,000 hours of live events across the NFL, Big Ten, Premier League, and so much more. And now, for the first time ever, we’re even opening up PMP access to the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games!

But we’re not stopping there. As the cookie crumbles, we’re future-proofing our programmatic infrastructure by adopting industry ID solutions that enable you to find more of your audiences. We adopted Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) last year and recently announced we’re also adopting LiveRamp’s RampID and Google’s PAIR solutions. These high-quality signals unlock more scale, better addressability, and greater reach across NBCU’s user-authenticated streaming inventory.

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Ad Innovation
5. New and expanded commerce innovations drive immediate action within the content consumers love

NBCUniversal has a long history of innovation, not just across media formats, but also in how advertisers enhance them. Everything we build keeps you, our advertising partners, at the forefront. With that in mind, we are excited to expand Must ShopTV, our AI-driven commerce-enabled ad innovation that provides a seamless way for audiences to purchase products from their favorite shows, to six franchises across our portfolio. For Comcast households, there’s more good news: Comcast viewers will experience shoppable moments exclusive to them throughout the newest season of Bravo’s Top Chef. Powered by Must ShopTV, this interactive, shoppable pilot allows fans to instantly purchase the exact products they see their favorite Cheftestants using.

In addition, our new Virtual Concessions ad innovation will enable our audiences to purchase food, beverages, and other items throughout their viewing journey—making it as seamless, simple, and satisfying as possible for our fans to enjoy their concessions while watching the content they love.

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