Krishan Bhatia, President & Chief Business Officer of NBCUniversal, Named Chair of IAB Board of Directors

“As an active member of IAB’s board, Krishan has brought a unique perspective to the table. Understanding the role of content, data, and technology in an increasingly digital world is something that Krishan has been pioneering at NBCU and undoubtedly gives us a glimpse of where the industry is heading.”
-David Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, IAB

“The industry is at a pivotal moment in time with privacy, identity, and addressability impacting all constituents within the digital ad ecosystem, and IAB is leading the industry forward to hold each other accountable and ensure we evolve to meet the needs of the consumers we serve. I look forward to collaborating alongside the rest of the Board of Directors, David Cohen, and all of the members to be a part of this transformation to ensure that we create a thriving and unified marketplace for the industry”
-Krishan Bhatia, President & Chief Business Officer, NBCUniversal

“Krishan and Alysia are extremely well-respected and talented executives who will help escalate the necessary changes the industry needs across the media and marketing landscape. Both executives have demonstrated their eagerness through the teams they have led and we look forward to bringing their new ideas to IAB’s membership.”
-David Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, IAB