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6 Key Peacock
Premium Content
1. Peacock is the most complete streamer for audiences

Peacock is a singular destination for premium content. Live sports, blockbuster movies, live daily news, fan favorite classics, exclusive home for NBC/Bravo next day, Spanish language and breakout originals – all in one place. Nobody has the breadth of content like we do. And the best part? All of this content is open to your brand.

Read more about Peacock’s complete offering for you from Peacock NewFront.

2. Peacock is the home for cultural-defining mega moments

Peacock is the go-to destination for culture-defining mega moments. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, December holidays to seasonal favorites in English & Spanish, everyone and every brand can find a home at NBCU and Peacock to become a part of the traditions our fans look forward to every year.

Culture-defining also means empowering and advocating for all communities in front of and behind the camera. Diverse and inclusive content is the growth engine of America and the future of your brand. Peacock and NBCU have DEI in our DNA, and we are uniquely primed to offer content that celebrates, elevates and inspires these causes all year long.

Read more about Peacock’s breadth and depth content offering from Peacock NewFront.

3. Peacock is your destination for ad-supported scale

As the fastest growing U.S. streamer in 2022, Peacock has double the average ad-supported reach of our marketplace. When supercharged with NBCUniversal’s One Platform, we provide unparalleled reach across all our linear, digital, and in-person touchpoints, reaching over 227 million U.S. adults and over 1 billion globally.

Read more about Peacock’s ad-supported scale for you from Peacock NewFront.

4. Peacock’s ad environment and innovations drive impact

Thanks to constant collaboration with our partners, Peacock’s combination of fewer ads, shorter breaks, and strict quality control has equaled the best ad performance in the market, delivering an 18% advantage in full funnel lift for brands. We’re continuing to improve this experience with four newly announced and enhanced ad products.

First, Spotlight+ lets your brand reach and resonate across all platforms and screens at the right time. The Marquee Ad puts your brand at the center of the excitement during live sporting events. Power Break uses data to inform your creative and ensure your messaging has the highest impact for different audience segments. Finally, Must ShopTV puts your brand’s products into the hands of your consumers with a seamless commerce experience.

Read more about Peacock’s advancements in ad innovation from Peacock NewFront.

5. Peacock marries premium content and first-party data at scale

The marriage of our premium content and our first-party data means we deliver the most relevant and personalized experiences for audiences and advertisers alike.

With NBCUnified, we’ve built a database of over 200MM+ individuals tied to more than 90MM+ households and thousands of differentiated first-party attributes. This gives us unparalleled data-driven insights into who our customers are, where they’re interacting with our brands, what piques their interest, and how best to reach them.

With our privacy-minded clean room integrations, you can even conduct your own overlap analysis of your first-party data with ours to identify new fan-based segments in market. Take everything you know, with everything we know, to create incredible opportunities for your brand.

Read more about NBCU’s data insights and One Platform technology stack.

6. Peacock is open to all marketers

Peacock has the most complete content offering in streaming, with nearly 90,000 hours of premium content that is open to you and your brands. Plus with programmatic activation in the world’s biggest live events and Peacock Ad Manager’s self-service capabilities to come, Peacock welcomes brands of any size to advertise with us. Peacock is open for business.

Read more about Peacock’s activation opportunities from Peacock NewFront.

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