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1. One Platform means the best of media AND tech

The modern TV experience can be as personalized and relevant as your social feed. Thanks to One Platform, you no longer have to choose between the benefits of tech and media. One Platform is the first video advertising platform that combines culture-defining premium content with a proprietary ad tech stack housing first-party data, precision targeting, automated buying, and outcome-based measurement at unmatched scale. Operational for you, One Platform helps your brand reach 227M U.S. adults every month—including 181M on our streaming platforms alone—across 300+ linear and streaming endpoints.

Read more about our One Platform advancements in our One23 press release.

Data & Identity
2. One Platform means scale AND precision

First-party data points inform consumer experiences, elevating passions fueled by our content. To establish a deeper connection with fandom and your brand, we’re releasing thousands of attributes that define our NBCUniversal superfans across the portfolio. To enable this evolution and build bigger, more performant audiences, we announced a first-party data partnership and integration with GroupM and its Choreograph data platform. With our partners Salesforce and Snowflake, we’re integrating CRM audience data with NBCUnified to provide you advanced advertising and commerce activations across linear and streaming.

Read more about our advancements in data & identity announced at One23.

3. One Platform means reach AND advanced targeting

Alongside our technology partners, we have readied our systems for you to plan and activate cross-platform campaigns with the currency of your choice, including iSpot and VideoAmp. Co-developed with Amazon Web Services, NBCU announced a new in-flight linear optimizer that will create unprecedented value for advertisers, transforming the traditional TV log scheduling system to perform like a digital ad server and optimize ads throughout the life of your campaign. This will increase in-flight delivery, reduce liability, and end manual re-expressions for agencies, advertisers, and publishers. Additionally, FreeWheel is introducing their own multi-currency optimization for streaming, and Mediaocean is launching support for currency planning, posting and billing in time for the new broadcast year. Plan, buy, optimize, post, and bill, all on the currency of your choice with One Platform.

Read more about our advancements in activation announced at One23.

4. One Platform means live programming AND programmatic buying

We are democratizing access to our premium live events for companies and agencies of all sizes by creating more programmatic inventory on Peacock. Private marketplace and programmatic guaranteed access to millions of live viewers across Big 10, Premier League, Sunday Night Football, and more is available every month through our DSP integrations. For smaller agencies and advertisers without their own enterprise DSP, we are launching Peacock Ad Manager, a self-service buying platform that helps customers evolve beyond search and social into CTV for the first time.

Read more about our advancements in automation announced at One23.

5. One Platform means premium content AND commerce

Shoppable, interactive entertainment leverages NBCU storytelling to bring fans closer to brands. With our partner CitrusAd, we’ve built a first-of-its kind suite of data-driven shoppable and native ad placements. We’re expanding NBCUniversal Checkout’s functionality to Peacock with Must ShopTV, working with our partner Kerv Interactive to connect consumers with millions of products in our marketplace. We’re working on our first licensing deal of NBCUniversal Checkout and our Retail Media Extension Network to power commerce on DailyMail.com’s content platform. Two new product innovations In-Scene Ads, scaled in partnership with TripleLift, and Watch With, introduce exciting new features for consumers and incredible opportunities for brands.

Read more about our advancements in ad innovation & commerce announced at One23.

6. One Platform means content quality AND quality measurement

To truly redefine impact, we need to collectively look at the evolution of measurement at the intersection of content, ads, and platform experience. With MarketCast, we’ve introduced our new Content Quality Index, which compares how content and advertising creative work together to drive impact for you. We’re driving the highest value at the lowest cost per reach point compared to user-generated content. Additionally, we’re excited to announce we’ve certified 27 new partners across four different measurement categories.

Read more about our advancements in measurement & impact announced at One23.

Joint Industry Committee
7. One Platform means leadership AND partnership

We recognize the need to protect the value of premium content in every environment and, in the best interest of our fans and advertisers, refuse to accept any cross-platform measurement that doesn’t. In January 2023, national programmers and industry bodies established the first-ever U.S. Joint Industry Committee dedicated to premium video currency. Our One23 panel marked the first-time broadcasters, holding companies and industry bodies joined each other onstage for a state of the industry conversation on progress being made to develop measurement certification standards.

Watch our historic JIC panel held at One23.


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