A Leadership Perspective: Inside NBCUniversal’s Open Doors/Abriendo Caminos Initiative

[Small businesses] are creating an entire ecosystem that lifts up the whole community — It’s just so powerful.

– Peter Blacker, EVP Streaming and Data Products, Head of Diversity, NBCUniversal

People can associate themselves with programming like the Olympics, which we know attracts the broadest of audiences. All socioeconomic levels, all ethnicities, gender-splits, LGBTQ+, all of us. These types of events are uniting in this regard.
– Craig Robinson, EVP, Chief Diversity Officer, NBCUniversal

In some cases, businesses aren’t looking for a cash infusion — they’re looking for a knowledge and expertise infusion. Where they may not have a great degree of expertise is in digital marketing. Or in advertising on cable. Or in setting up an online presence so that people don’t have to come to a physical store, for example.
– Craig Robinson, EVP, Chief Diversity Officer, NBCUniversal