NBCU Certified Measurement Partner Program

Why Measurement Certification

NBCU’s Certified Measurement Partner Program has a simple mission: measure what matters with the best partners in the business. This means partnering with trusted, privacy-minded measurement providers whose solutions go beyond panel-based, program-level ratings and duplicative platform-by-platform delivery to unified, holistic, deduplicated cross-platform campaign performance and outcome-based measurement against the KPIs that mean the most to our marketers’ business.


With this simple but ambitious mission, you can be confident that the partners we certify are rigorously evaluated to ensure they deliver best-in-class measurement with demonstrated focus on accuracy, reliability, transparency, and more.

Our Measurement Framework

The cross-platform campaign measurement landscape is complex and continually evolving. To make sense of this shifting, fragmented landscape and to offer the industry a set of organizing principles, we’ve aligned our measurement framework around six key categories.


As the industry continues to evolve, we’ll evolve with it and so will this framework, so be sure to check back for updates quarterly.

Audience Measurement

Campaign delivery measurement against an audience; metrics include impressions, reach, and frequency

Audience Verification

Measurement of the quality of impressions; metrics include viewability, invalid traffic, completion rate, audible rate, attention index, and emotional resonance scores

Brand Measurement

Survey-based upper-funnel measurement of brand KPIs; metrics include brand awareness, favorability, consideration, purchase intent, loyalty, and advocacy

Certifications coming Q1 2023

Sales Impact Measurement

Outcome-based measurement (direct attribution) of incremental lower-funnel sales or mid-funnel outcomes related to sales; metrics include purchase conversion, return on ad spend/ROI, website visits, app downloads, search engagement, and retail location visits

Certifications coming Q1 2023

Multi-Touch Attribution

Household-level/cohort-level measurement that considers all touchpoints of the consumer journey to determine the fractional contribution of each to campaign impact; metrics include contribution to purchase conversion, return on ad spend (ROAS), website visits, app downloads, search engagement, and retail location visits

Certifications coming Q1 2023

Business Outcome Guarantee

Currency framework that guarantees delivery against business outcomes rather than campaign delivery; guarantees include a range of behavioral mid-to-lower funnel KPIs such as sales, ROAS, website visits, app downloads, search engagement, and retail location visits

Certification timing TBD

Measurement Framework Resources

To see this framework in action, download our framework chart, with a comprehensive view of measurement providers across the industry who fall into each category.

Download the Chart

For more information on how we’re evaluating partners for national cross-platform ad currency certification, download our Measurement Framework Look Book.

Download the Look Book

Becoming a Certified Partner

The NBCU Certified Measurement Partner badge indicates to advertisers, agencies, and the industry at large that you are a trusted NBCUniversal partner whose solutions have been rigorously evaluated and certified to deliver best-in-class measurement to our marketers.


Certification applications are currently open for Audience Measurement and Audience Verification. We are in the process of reviewing the current round of applicants for Brand Measurement, Sales Impact Measurement, and Multi-Touch Attribution with certified partners to be announced in Q1 2023. We will subsequently reopen applications for additional categories after we’ve announced our initial certified partners.